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On-Demand Driver Training

For On-demand Drivers everywhere

Welcome to PigeonShip's On-demand Driver Training. Now it's time to put your training to the test.  So long as you have reviewed this training process you should not have any issues.   Make sure to have your Pigeon Kit lanyard visible when entering the pickup and drop off locations. 


Your task on the Delivery Details Page is to complete each section for the order(s) you pick up.  Whether you are picking up 1 order or 10 orders, the Delivery Detail page will document and provide proof of pickup.  The only step on this page that will be repeated when you are assigned multiple orders is the scan section.  For example, if you have 6 orders to pickup, you'll see 6 available scannable sections for each order. 


Once you arrive to the pickup address, press "Arrived for Pickup" as soon as you are at the pick up location. Then select the delivery details at the top of the screen and select your assigned scan code type.


To identify your bundle ID while looking at your assigned bundle, select the delivery tab in the top or bottom middle of your screen. Scroll down until you find the view notes button. Click on that and make sure the pickup tab is yellow. This is where you will find the bundle ID number specific with your order.


Once you have identified your specific bundle, start scanning the labels by clicking the QR scanner scan the middle barcode found on the label and continue this process until all packages have been scanned and show a green check mark. Each time you scan a package, place them in batches of 10 based on the number shown on the label. For example, 1-10, 11-20, etc. This will be the order in which you will be delivering the packages and loading them into your vehicle with the largest numbers being first.  


After scanning, you will need to take a master pickup photo of all the packages in your bundle. Do this by clicking the camera icon and ensuring that all packages are visible. This photo will be used as the pickup photo for every delivery in the bundle. If needed, you can take a second photo and add that to the end of the delivery.


Now you are ready to load all the packages into your vehicle as specified by the route order number written on the package. The last step is to confirm with your lead driver that all steps have been completed correctly and with their approval, you can check off the pickup complete section and select proceed to delivery.

To start the delivery, first click navigate to delivery this will open up your preferred maps option and give you directions to the drop off location. When you are ready to leave for the drop off, select in transit and confirm. This will update the status of the delivery for the customer. When you arrive at the delivery location, select the view notes button and click on the drop-off tab. If there are any specific requirements for the delivery such as a gate code, where to leave the package, etc,


If you are unable to complete delivery, you will first need to contact the customer directly using the call drop off location button in the app.  If you are unable to contact them and complete the delivery, you need to return the package to your vehicle and set it aside from all other packages. Next, click the update status button in the bottom left corner of your app, click delivery attempted and choose from the drop down menu of option the reason that best describes the unsuccessful delivery.  they will be here.

Before leaving your vehicle, double check that the address shown on the label is the same as the address shown on the residence you are delivering to. Then proceed to the door or mailroom. Once there, select the drop-off scan button and scan the middle bar code on your label.

Upon arrival, confirm the address shown on the label is the same one that you are looking at. If correct, approach the door and select the drop-off photo and take a picture capturing the packages with the background of where they are placed. Take another picture by tapping the drop-off photo again and taking a picture of the address. A green check will come up signaling that you have completed this section. 

If a signature is required for this delivery, make sure to first confirm that somebody is home to receive the package. You will then take a drop off photo and drop off scan and click signature. You will then ask for the receiver to sign. Then input the receiver information into the box and this will upload for the delivery.

The last step is to select marked delivered and confirm. Then note where the package was left before proceeding to your next delivery. Continue to complete this process until you have delivered all the packages in your bundle.

On-Demand Test

After completing the video, your final step is to complete the test to verify your understanding of the On-Demand Delivery content.


  • I can't see any orders on my app.
    If you're unable to see any orders on your app. Check the following - Make sure you're looking under the active deliveries tab for any assigned delivery routes or available deliveries for accepting any available delivery routes. 2. Check your device's permission settings for the PigeonShip driver app. Learn how - IOS / Android 3. Make sure you have a fast and stable internet connection. Check your connection status here. Speed test results below 3 Mbps might not be sufficient to operate the application properly. If all the above-mentioned conditions are met and you're still unable to see any routes under active deliveries, then: Check the PigeonShip Driver web portal to make sure you have an active delivery route assigned to you, under active deliveries. Drivers in USA / Drivers in Canada. If you can see your active delivery bundle on the web dashboard then, log out of the application and log back in. If that doesn't solve the issue then, uninstall the application and reinstall it. Log in after the application has been installed and allow the required permissions and you should be able to see your assigned delivery route under active deliveries.
  • I'm unable to scan a package for pickup or dropoff.
    If you're unable to scan a package, check for the following- Based on the client you're servicing, the barcode that needs to be scanned varies. For Hailify orders - please scan the highlighted barcode. 2. Scanning any other barcode on the label will result in an error message. If the barcode is damaged or unscannable then you can click on the close button on the scanner page which will open the manual pickup box. Enter the tracking ID mentioned on top of the barcode in the manual pickup box to validate the scan. For Purolator order scan the highlighted barcode in the image shown below - 3. On the PigeonShip labels, scan the highlighted barcode as shown below -
  • I don't see the withdraw button in my wallet.
    Some users might not be able to see the withdraw button in their wallet due to missing information in the financial section of their profile. Kindly access the following links on a browser - Drivers in the USA - Add your Paypal email address under the financial section and click 'save'. Drivers in Canada - Add your Interac email address under the financial section and click 'save'. Once done, kindly close the app and restart it. You will now see the withdraw button in your wallet.
  • How do I know if my account is fully setup and approved?
    Once you are approved you will automatically receive an email with instruction on the next steps in the process. If you have completed your information and have not received an email within 2 days please email with your full name as it is in your profile, country, phone number, description of the issue- “wondering if registration is completed properly”. Someone from our support team will help you as soon as possible.
  • My photos for registration will not upload properly? What can I do?
    First, once you Please email with your full name as it is in your profile, country, phone number, description of issue- “Photo upload issue”. Someone from our support team will help you as soon as possible.
  • What do I need to do before I can make deliveries?
    Once you have been approved you must complete training, take the training quiz, and order your drivers kit. Once those items are complete you are free to make deliveries.
  • How do I update my profile information?
    You may update your profile information such as address, phone number, email address, vehicle details, documents and financial information by going to this link - Canadian Users - USA Users -
  • What are available deliveries?
    Available Deliveries are the delivery tasks available in your area for you to accept and deliver. Click on any available delivery card to get more information.
  • Why don't I see anything in available deliveries?
    First make sure your internet connection is working properly and the PigeonShip Driver app has access to your location. Available deliveries are shown when there are delivery tasks available in your area. Delivery volume and frequency varies by area. For specifics in your area please reach out to us at Please include your name, city and a contact phone number in the email.
  • Where do you go to find available deliveries?
    A -You can see available deliveries for your area on the app as well as in your online account on the dashboard.
  • I saw an available delivery notification, but it is not showing when I try to pick it up in the app. What happened to it?
    Most likely the delivery was picked up by another driver. It may have also been canceled or rescheduled by the customer.
  • Where do I find the customer's name, phone number, and address?
    The customer's information can be found on the app on the delivery page under active deliveries.
  • What if I have to wait longer than 15 minutes for the delivery to be ready for me to take to the customer?
    Driver can request pick up prior to the top of the hour for the delivery, but stores are not expect to have the order ready before the top of the hour and wait time does not begin until 5 min after the hour. Example Delivery pickup time is 11 am driver can request pickup at 10:50 but the store is not expected to have it to the driver before 11. And wait time begins at 11:05 After 5 minutes for 1 delivery and after 10 mins for 2 deliveries surcharges begin Store pays surcharges by the minute after 5 mins for 1 delivery and after 10 for 2 deliveries Driver is paid by the minute up to a max of 8 dollars for wait time beyond 5 mins for 1 delivery and 10 mins for 2 deliveries
  • How much do I get paid?
    Understanding pay. PigeonShip does not seek full-time or hourly workers. PigeonShip looks for part-time drivers. Most PigeonShip drivers are already employed and have professions, but they use PigeonShip to make extra money and while enjoying delivering happiness to customers and making some extra cash. Most drivers who calculate their earnings by the hour estimate earning about $23 - $35 per hour. PigeonShip drivers get paid well and therefore don’t get vehicle reimbursements for such things as gas.
  • How do I get paid?
    Drivers are paid by the delivery. Once a delivery is complete with all photos uploaded. The payment for that delivery will go directly into the driver's wallet. The wallet can be found in your account on the website.
  • How often do I get paid?
    In the USA, Payments are made exclusively through PayPal and generally take 3-5 business days. In Canada, payments are made exclusively through Interac transfers and generally take 3-5 business days.
  • What do I do if payment for a delivery is not showing in my wallet?
    Contact Support via and they will help to ensure that payment is properly processed to your wallet.
  • Where do I order drivers kit?
    US Drivers Order Here - Canadian Drivers Order Here
  • How long does it take the kit to arrive?
    You should receive your kit in 7-10 business days.
  • I’ve ordered my kit. Can I make deliveries before it arrives?
    Yes, you may accept deliveries while waiting for your kit to arrive if you have completed all the necessary pieces of training. You will just need to email and request a temporary PigeonShip logo that you can print and put in your car and adhere to the window, as well as use a logo to pin to your hat or shirt. It's unacceptable to enter a pickup or drop-off address without having the PigeonShip name or logo easily viewable. You can only continue making deliveries if you have ordered the kit within 48 hours of being non-compliant, and continue delivering until kit arrives.
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