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Driver Commitment Schedule (DCS)

PigeonShip has a variety of clients across North America, some of which require "full-time" driver support. This means PigeonShip in turn commits to and requires a commitment from our drivers for their schedule. We ensure there is available work for the drivers and the drivers ensure they are committed to work on the days scheduled. By complying to the DCS drivers will receive rewards and higher earning potential.

Below is a breakdown of the Pigeon Pay program used for all drivers committed to the Driver Commitment Schedule. Download the DCS Training Manual & agree to the DCS once completed.

Why have a Driver Commitment Schedule?

"Since drivers like to know their delivery schedule in advance, and because PigeonShip needs dependable drivers, we are introducing the Driver Commitment Schedule (DCS). This agreement assumes you are available and prepared to deliver according to your provided schedule. In return, PigeonShip will guarantee you work for those days."

It is important to us that both PigeonShip and drivers are committed to each other. It allows both parties to work with a trust that there is consistent work and enough drivers available to deliver it. That is what the DCS accomplishes. When a driver agrees to the DCS the days they schedule are the days they are committing to drive. By delivering all of their scheduled days a driver will receive daily pay + weekly bonuses and the benefits of the Referral driver program. But when a driver defaults by missing a scheduled day they forfeit their accumulated bonus for that week.

PigeonShip is the best platform for independent couriers in all the markets we operate in. We offer unmatched pay, stability, and incentive programs. PigeonShip also offers opportunities beyond driving for drivers who are truly passionate about delivery.  

Daily Pay

Earn daily pay per package delivered. Request and receive payout weekly

Weekly Bonus

We offer one of a kind rewards pay program to drivers who commit to working scheduled days a week*

Referral Bonus & More

A residual referral bonus program unlike any other. Turn a referral into your own passive income stream

* Available to drivers commited to the DCS. 

Request Time off

If you are part of the DCS Program you can use the below link or contact Driver Support directly with your time off request to ensure compliance to the Driver Commitment Schedule (DCS)

Contact Us

Contact us with any questions you have regarding the Driver Commitment Schedule (DCS).

Phone: 1-844-674-4366

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