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We respect your privacy.

Learn how do we use your information.

Do we sell any personal information?

We do not sell any personal information of our clients and driver contractors. 100% of the information is used internally for managing operations, communication, and record-keeping purposes only. 

Do we share any information with 3rd parties?

We share contact numbers, names, and emails between our customers and driver contractors to allow easy communication between the two parties for successful delivery and live package tracking purposes. 

How do we use the information about your driver's license, vehicle insurance, and vehicle insurance?

Information about your driver's license is collected to ensure you are of the legal driving age and qualifications. 

Information about your vehicle is collected to understand your vehicle size and determine the right assignments for you. 

We also collect all this information as a record in case of an incident or inquiry by authorities and to make sure stolen vehicles are not used for the delivery of our customer's goods.

Why do you need to perform a background check?

We require your consent to perform a background check to make sure you have good civil standing and to comply with authorities and our customers, as some goods cannot be transported by individuals with a serious criminal history. 

Questions or concerns?

Please feel free to write to us.

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