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Driver Stories: Maison Dufort

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

In Maison's own words he tells us his story of working with PigeonShip.

"I applied to a delivery driver position in August 2022. Lucky for me that same day I came in for orientation for delivery driver. I discovered there was an opening for another position as well for operations. Which I quickly applied for as well due to by experience in transportation industry. I was a perfect fit.

I started working as the Warehouse Lead in March 2023 managing the whole New York City. Managing 1,500+ deliveries a day with 20+ drivers. Maintaining a low return rate of 1 percent and 99 percent delivery rate. Over the next 6 months I found myself growing with the company, and now oversee Northern New Jersey as well. I look forward to more opportunities and growth that Pigeonship provides to me."

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Cheryl-Ann A
Cheryl-Ann A
26 oct. 2023

Congratulations Maison!! I saw that you had the potential to become manager and a good leader. The best I have ever met in any job so far. You are committed to your work and has an awesome mentality which creates a comfortable working atmosphere in the environment. Keep up Excellence in the workplace.

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