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USA Route Driver Training

For Drivers part of the USA Route Program

PigeonShip NYC Driver Training

Topics covered in this Course include:

1. Pickup Process

2. Delivering

3. Returning Packages

1. The Pickup Process

After arriving at the warehouse for pick up, open your driver app and select Arrived for Pickup and Confirm. Then click the Delivery Details title at the top of the screen and select Purolator which will update your scanner.

Once you have identified your bundle, you will start by scanning the labels using the QR code icon to open the scanner. Scan the middle barcode found of the label and continue this process until all packages have been scanned to show a green checkmark. Each time you scan a package place them in batches of ten based on the number shown on the label (for example 1-10, 11-20, etc.) This will be the order in which you'll deliver the packages. load them into your vehicle with the largest numbers first so that the small numbers are the first available packages to grab when delivering.

After scanning all packages you'll need to take a master pick up photo of all the packages in your bundle. Do this by clicking the camera icon, and ensure that all the packages can be seen in the photo. This photo will be used as the pickup photo for every delivery in the bundle.

Now, you are ready to load all the packages into your vehicle using the route order number shown on the label.The Last step is to confirm with the PigeonShip Warehouse Lead that everything has been completed correctly. With their approval you can click the Pickup Complete button and select Proceed to Delivery.

2. Delivering

To start the delivery, first click Navigate to Delivery, this will open up your preferred maps app option and give you the directions to the drop off location. When you are ready to leave for delivery select In transit and confirm. This will update the status of the delivery for the end customer. When you arrive at the delivery location open the view notes button, and click on the Dropoff tab. If there are any specific requirements or notes for this delivery, such as a gate code or place to leave the package they can be found here.

Before leaving your vehicle, double check the address shown on the label is the same address as on the residence you are delivering to. Then proceed to the door, or mailroom to deliver. Once your there, click the drop off scan button and scan the middle barcode on your label.

After scanning, set the package down take 4-5 steps back from the package to take your drop off photo. Click the drop off photo button to open your camera. This photo should include the package where it has been left, the door and the house number all in the same photo. If you cannot fit the house number in the same photo you can take a second photo of the house number by clicking the drop off photo button a second time. It is critical to have all 3 of these items in your drop off photos. If you do not have one of them you will receive an email and a fine from the PigeonShip compliance department for that delivery.

The last step, is to select Mark Delivered, and leave a note for where the package was left before proceeding onto your next delivery. Continue to complete this process until you've delivered all of the packages in your bundle.

3. Returning Packages

If you are unable to complete a delivery, you’ll first try to contact the customer directly using the Call Dropoff Location button in the app. If you are unable to contact them and complete the delivery you will need to return the package to your vehicle, and set it aside from all other packages. Next click the Update status button in the bottom left corner of your app. Click Delivery Attempted, and choose from the dropdown menu of options the reason that best describes the unsuccessful delivery. Click Proceed to update the status of the order.

You will then need to return this package to the pickup location that same or next day. While parked in the Driver Queue you will scan the label and contact the Warehouse Lead to return the package. Click Update status, select Return Order and click Type Address. You’ll then select Use Current Address and Proceed. Give the Warehouse Lead the package and this will complete the return. Repeat this process for any and all returns that are apart of your bundle.

Congratulations, this is all you need to know to get started delivering routed deliveries in New York City with PigeonShip! If you have additional questions you can contact Driver support or visit the help center at

USA Route Delivery Test

After completing the video, your final step is to complete the test to verify your understanding of the USA Route Delivery content.


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