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Why PigeonShip?

Because it's time to change the way you ship.

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Today’s consumers expect fast same-day delivery that works with their lifestyle. Trying to retrofit the standard parcel courier model to meet the demands of same-day customers delivers frustration more than anything else. No matter who fulfills the “last mile” of your shipment, all-day delivery windows, damaged items, lost packages, and “sorry we missed you” slips reflect on your brand as opposed to theirs.

PigeonShip has reinvented same-day delivery as a post office alternative from the ground up with customer satisfaction as the benchmark. Whether you’re sending one package or one thousand, our proprietary crowd-sourced technology offers a fast, personalized, trackable delivery experience that your customers will remember (for the right reasons). Our Toronto/Canada and Salt Lake City/Utah shipping service is the best alternative to other shipping companies such as Fedex, UPS, USPS, and others. Our same-day shipping, excellent customer service, and easy local deliveries are perfect for anyone!

- Jared Overton,
Founder & CEO at PigeonShip.

Take the PigeonShip Advantage!

More ways to integrate than anyone else.

From A simple web page-based order creation to FTP transfers to full API integration and everything in between, PigeonShip offers more ways to ship than anyone else. Contact your PigeonShip Sales representative or write to us.

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