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Driver Stories: Aman Choudhry

I applied to a delivery driver position

in February 2018 and started delivering on May 25th as a driver in Burlington and Oakville for TruLocal. As i had my own driver team I offered to start as a

contractor and in 1 month I started managing the whole West End of the GTA in Canada.

In 6 months I was taking all the GTA deliveries and kept on delivering for the next 2 years. In the interim i was very much interested in technology and started dispatching the orders myself and learned the system. In 2019 I worked as a contractor for PigeonShip and Metro by managed 2000+ deliveries a day with 30 drivers. In late 2020 i was asked to merge my driver company with Pigeonship Operations which i did happily, eventually leading to become a partner and now the National Operations Lead. The rest is history...



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